How much does an evaluation cost?

The cost of the evaluation varies depending on the individual and what testing procedures are being used. Giftedness or school readiness evaluations which are shorter in duration cost less compared to a detailed psychoeducational evaluation for learning difficulties. Please call our office for detailed pricing.



How long is an evaluation?

The length of the evaluation depends on the specific testing situation but usually takes 2 to 3 two hour sessions. The final session will include feedback regarding testing results and specific recommendations for school, career or place of work.


Will you provide a report?

Clients will receive a detailed and integrated report of all testing results and recommendations one to two weeks after the last session.



Can testing results be shared with other professionals?

Advanced Psychological Assessments can forward testing results and recommendations to identified parties with your consent.


Who performs the evaluations?

The psychoeducational and psychological evaluations are all performed by licensed psychologists with significant experience and expertise in testing and assessment.  Our psychiatrists (all M.Ds.) oversee and the Quotient Testing, an FDA approved computerized test that provides information about ADHD.



What Are Some Common Reasons for An Evaluation?

Evaluations are often suggested by schools, the workplace, or a treating therapist, for the following:

  • Difficulty completing assignments, homework, tasks, work or school projects
  • Problems with in an academic area such as reading, writing, or math
  • Suspicion of learning disabilities such as auditory processing disorder, dyslexia, auditory processing, language processing, non-verbal learning disabilities, reading and math disabilities
  • Difficulty with testing, note-taking, paying attention, concentrating, remembering, getting started on tasks, switching tasks
  • Difficulty following and/or understanding directions and/or tasks
  • Not performing to grade level or to job expectations
  • Behavioral, social, or interpersonal problems at school, home or work
  • Problems with mood and regulating or managing emotions
  • Assessing for individuals who may be gifted and benefit from a different setting


What kinds of tests will be administered?

  • Full evaluations begin with an informational interview with parents, guardians, and/or the individual being tested in order to determine the best tests to include in the evaluation. The interview may cover developmental milestones, academic, work and social functioning, coping styles, emotional difficulties, routines, and family life.
  • Based on the interview and other information, the psychologist will choose the most appropriate tests for understanding the individuals challenges.  These may include, among others, tests of cognitive (IQ), achievement, reading, memory, personality and psychological functioning
  • The psychologist may also suggest that family members or teachers complete behavior scales that rate how an individual performs and interacts in certain settings and in certain tasks (we won’t contact anyone without written consent).
  • We may want to observe your child at school or daycare in some cases.  We would discuss this with you in advance and would only proceed with your permission.



What should I bring with me?

For children, please bring copies of grading, IEP or school/daycare reports to the interview.  Adults may want to bring copies of work evaluations or reviews.


A testing session can last several hours, so it is a good idea to bring snacks, especially for children.


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