Who Benefits from a Psychoeducational or Psychosocial/Psychological Evaluation?

Most children having difficulties learning or who are not succeeding to their potential can benefit from a psychoeducational or psychological evaluation.


For children, difficulties and challenges in learning, paying attention or behaving in school can have far reaching consequences.  These difficulties can impair academic success, social relationships, family functioning, self-esteem, mood, and long-term success and well-being.  Advanced Psychological Assessments offers a comprehensive range of evaluations to help understand and address learning, mood and behavioral difficulties in children.


These include:


Full Psychoeducational Evaluation for diagnosing learning disabilities and/or behavioral difficulties that affect academic functioning.  Includes a full report of assessment results and recommendations for school and at home.


Full Psychosocial or Psychological Evaluation for diagnosing behavioral, mood, social and/or other psychological difficulties. Includes a full report of assessment results and recommendations.


Full Autism Spectrum Assessment to screen and diagnose autism spectrum disorders, using the ADOS and questionnaires to assess behaviors.  Includes a full report.


Preschool Assessments to screen and diagnosis cognitive, social or behavioral disorders that may require early intervention.



Admissions to Independent Private School/Gifted Evaluations to provide cognitive (IQ) testing for admissions or gifted evaluations.  Includes scores and a summary report.


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